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The is a leading lottery service online, combining all the advantages and comfort of the internet with the exciting worldwide lottery opportunities.

TheLotter was established in order to respond to the need for a global marketing service for lotterytickets, results and to enable unlimited purchase of tickets from most of the world's leading official lotteries through the web - perhaps the only product in the world today still limited to local vending.

In order to reach this goal, has been placing tremendous efforts and resources since 1996 towards establishing a world-wide operation, an operation with proven capabilities which supports most of the world's leading official lotteries.

TheLotter is the world’s first online lottery retailer, operating since 200. They have local offices in over 20 countries, purchasing lotto tickets for the world’s biggest draws. Their online service is available in 14 different languages and 5 different currencies.

Over the years they have provided millions of players with tickets to lotteries across the globe, and have had more than one million winners on their website.

They have paid out (as of Feb 2015) US$ 31,339,860 in prizes to 1,407,615 Winners World Wide.

TheLotter customers can:

  1. Search and participate in over 50 world-wide lotteries.
  2. Check all lottery results world-wide 24/7
  3. Get the most up to date lottery information
  4. Receive per request alerts concerning various events in the lottery world
  5. Receive immediate notification with every winning number.

TheLotter includes all Leading Lotteries:

  1. Powerball
  2. MegaMillions
  3. EuroMillions
  4. New York Lotto
  5. Lotto 6/49... and many more

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  1. TheLotter provides a simple and easy to use service, supervised by one of the top international accounting firms.
  2. TheLotter is multi-lingual – English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian. 14 languages are supported in all.
  3. The customer pays only for the tickets purchased, no advance payment required. All transactions are done using credit cards and e-wallet.
  4. Winnings are paid to the customers TheLotter account or to the customers bank account.
  5. Jackpot winnings are insured through Lloyd’s of London broker Tyser and Co. is marketed exclusively by the MyLotto Affiliate Program.
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The lottery ticket sales agency

TheLotter – was established back in 1996 to cater for the growing demand for being able to buy lottery tickets online.

Up until that time, you could not purchase online lottery tickets – you were only able to buy lottery tickets for the national lottery of the country in which you lived – and even then you had to visit a shop to do so.

This all changed when TheLotter was created and began to establish itself as an industry leader – offering lottery players around the globe the chance to purchase their lottery tickets from the comfort of their own homes at the click of a mouse.

50 Plus Online World Lotto Games

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In the beginning TheLotter offered just 2 national lottery games online and has grown rapidly over the past 14 years to become the first and foremost lottery ticket agent on the internet – currently offering 50 plus online lottery games from around the world.

TheLotter is continuously undergoing expansion with the eventual aim of being able to let people play lottery online by offering lottery tickets for all of the major world lottery games.

The revolutionary Lotter website is state of the art – and uses the most advanced technological tools available, providing you, the lottery player with a seamless way of being able to play lotto online.

First Class Service

If you play online lotteries and purchase your lottery ticket online with a lottery ticket sales agent, you definately want a guaranteed a first class, highly professional service.

As a high class lottery ticket agency, TheLotter allows you to buy online lottery tickets with ease and simplicity, with the peace of mind that your information and personal details are completely safe when play online lottery games and buy lottery tickets online using their secure servers.

As well as being the best among lottery ticket agents, TheLotter offers a number of other lottery related services – from the latest lottery results and past lottery results through to general and specific lottery information.

Full Help & Support

Comprehensive help and support is available when buying lottery tickets online with their Customer Services team providing e-mail and telephone assistance throughout every week.

TheLotter aims to answer any queries you may have, by email within 24 hours in any one of the 14 different languages available.

So, whichever lottery you wish to play, this is the best place on the internet to buy lottery tickets online from.

Here is a Table of all the major world lottery games that you can buy your online lotto ticket for from TheLotter...

 1 Arizona - The Pick 31 Massachusetts - Cash WinFall
 2 Australia - Oz Lotto 32 Massachusetts - Megabucks
 3 Australia - Powerball Lotto 33 Michigan - Classic Lotto 47
 4 Australia - Saturday Lotto 34 Missouri - Lotto
 5 Austria - Lotto 35 New Jersey - Pick Six
 6 Belgium - Lotto 36 New York - Lotto
 7 Brazil - Mega-Sena 37 New Zealand - Powerball
 8 British Columbia - BC 49 38 Ohio - Classic Lotto
 9 California - Super Lotto 39 Oregon - Megabucks
10 Canada - Lotto 6/49 40 Poland - Duzy Lotek
11 Canada - Super 7 Ceased 18 Sept 2009 41 Quebec - Quebec 49
12 Colorado - Lotto 42 Romania - Loto 6/49
13 Connecticut - Classic Lotto 43 South Africa - Lotto
14 Europe - EuroMillions 44 Spain - El Gordo
15 Finland - Lotto 45 Spain - La Primitiva
16 Finland - Viking Lotto 46 Sweden - Lotto
17 Florida - Lotto 47 Switzerland - Lotto
18 Florida - Lotto $2 48 Tennessee - Lotto Plus
19 Florida - Lotto $3 49 Tri State - Megabucks Plus
20 France - Loto 50 U.K. - National Lottery
21 Germany - Lotto 51 U.K. - Thunderball
22 Greece - Lotto 52 U.S.A. - Hot Lotto
23 Hong Kong - Mark Six 53 U.S.A. - Mega Millions
24 Illinois - Lotto 54 U.S.A. - Powerball
25 Indiana - Hoosier Lotto 55 Washington - Lotto
26 Ireland - Lotto 56 Wisconsin - Megabucks
27 Israel - New Lotto 57 Australia - Wednesday Lotto
28 Italy - SuperEnalotto 58 -
29 Kansas - Kansas Cash 59 -
30 Louisiana - Lotto 60 -
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