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The Worlds Lottery Rollover Jackpots including Today's Biggest.

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Most lottery players are quite familiar with what a Rollover is and how it works when they are playing their chosen lottery game. It's an incredibly simple concept indeed.

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Just for the record, however, in a lottery, a these occur when the jackpot prize is not won and is then carried forward to the jackpot prize of the next lottery draw.

This happens every single week within lotteries worldwide and makes for some large jackpots to be won - in many cases these lottery jackpot prizes can be absolutely staggering!

Lottery jackpots can Roll-Over many times - sometimes without limit - until someone picks the winning lottery numbers. Until then, the lotto jackpot will continue to roll and build game after game.

Sometimes there is a limit as to how many times these can occur within a lottery game. When this limit has been reached and the jackpot prize is still not won, the lottery jackpot will then generally be shared amongst lottery winners in the 2nd prize tier.

So, you can win a lottery jackpot in some cases even if you don't have all the correct winning lottery numbers!

Largest EVER Rollover...

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The largest ever lottery Jackpot in the world to be won to date was on March 6th 2007, when the Mega Millions game in the USA produced a lottery jackpot of $390 MILLION which was shared between 2 lucky lottery ticket holders.

The US game, Powerball has produced a lottery jackpot of $365 MILLION when 8 people shared a single lottery ticket win on February 18th 2006. This is also one of the largest ever lottery jackpots to take place.

CURRENT Rollovers...And Largest Jackpots

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Here, we will be taking a look at the various Jackpot games that are taking place around the world currently.

We aim to keep this Roll-Over section as up to date as possible so that you don't miss out on some of the biggest and best lotto jackpots as they occur around the world.

This will give you advance notification of when there is a large Jackpot lottery happening around the world and let you get in quick and buy lottery tickets online, ensuring your place in the draw.

You are now able to buy lottery tickets from established and fully accredited lottery ticket sales companies such as ... TheLotter - - Oz Lotteries - TheBigBigLotto and Coral EuroBet.

Currently the world's BIGGEST Lottery Jackpot Roll Over

These are the Top Lottos Drawing currently with the
Biggest Declared Jackpots in the world!

U.S. - Powerball


US$ 106 Million

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