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There could be many reasons that you want to look up past lottery results from any lottery around the world. Maybe for a ticket you have or to update some lottery prediction software you use for a syndicate or office pool.

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Here, we provide past results to the vast majority of the world's top lotteries - over 80 lotteries across the globe.

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Most lotteries have a long deadline before a ticket becomes invalid, so if you have just uncovered an old lottery ticket that you hadn't realized was there - dig it out and check these past lottery results to see if you may have had the winning lottery numbers.

Past Lottery Results

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Past Lottery Results for more than 80 Major Lotteries around the world
01 United Staes Flag Arizona Lottery - The Pick Results 42 Japan Flag Japan Lottery - Loto 6 Results
02 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - OzLotto Results 43 United States Flag Kansas Lottery - Super Kansas Cash Results
03 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - Oz Powerball Results 44 United States Flag Louisiana Lottery - Louisiana Lotto Results
04 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - Saturday Lotto Results 45 United States Flag Massachusetts Lottery - Mass Megabucks Results/a>
05 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - Wednesday Lotto Results 46 United States Flag Michigan Lottery - Classic Lotto 47 Results
06 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - Monday Lotto Results 47 United States Flag Missouri Lottery - Missouri Lotto Results
07 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - 6 From 38 Pools Results 48 United States Flag New Jersey Lottery - Pick 6 Lotto Results
08 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - $2 Jackpot Lotto Results 49 United States Flag New York Lottery - New York Lotto Results
09 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - $5 Jackpot Lotto Results 50 United States Flag New York Lottery - Sweet Million Lotto Results
10 Australia Flag Australia Lottery - Gold Lotto Results 51 New Zealand Flag New Zealand Lottery - NZ Powerball Results
11 Austria Flag Austria Lottery - Austrian Lotto Results 52 United States Flag Ohio Lottery - Classic Lotto Results
12 Belgium Flag Belgium Lottery - Belgium Lotto Results 53 Canada Flag Ontario Lottery - Lottario Results
13 Brazil Flag Brazil Lottery - Mega Sena Results 54 Canada Flag Ontario Lottery - Ontario 49 Results
14 Brazil Flag Brazil Lottery - Dupla Sena Results 55 Unithed States Flag Oregon Lottery - Oregon Megabucks Results
15 Brazil Flag Brazil Lottery - Quina Results 56 Poland Flag Poland Lottery - Poland Lotto Results
16 Canada Flag British Columbia Lottery - BC49 Results 57 Canada Flag Quebec Lottery - Quebec 49 Results
17 United States Flag California Lottery - Super Lotto Results 58 Romania Flag Romania Lottery - Loteria Romana 649 Results
18 Canada Flag Canada Lottery - Lotto 649 Results 59 Russia Flag Russia Lottery - GosLoto 645 Results
19 Canada Flag Canada Lottery - Western 649 Results 60 Russia Flag Russia Lottery - GosLoto 749 Results
20 Canada Flag Canada Lottery - Lotto Max Results 61 South Africa Flag South Africa Lottery - South African Lotto Results
21 United States Flag Colorado Lottery - Colorado Lotto Results 62 South Africa Flag South Africa Lottery - South African Powerball Results
22 United States Flag Connecticut Lottery - Classic Lotto Results 63 Spain Flag Spain Lottery - EL GORDO
23 Europe Flag Europe - Euro Millions Results 64 Spain Flag
24 Europe Flag Europe - EuroJackpot Results 65 Spain Flag Spain Lottery - La Primitiva Results
25 Finland Flag Finland Lottery - Veikkaus Lotto Results 66 Spain Flag
26 Finland Flag Finland Lottery - Viking Lotto Results 67 Sapin Flag Spain Lottery - BonoLoto Results
27 United States Flag Florida Lottery - Florida Lotto Results 68 Sapin Flag Spain Lottery - Loteria Nacional Results
28 France Flag France Lottery- France Loto Results 69 Sweden Flag Sweden Lottery - Sweden Lotto Results
29 Germany Flag German Lottery - Lotto 6aus49 Results 70 Switzerland Flag Switzerland Lottery - Swiss Lotto Results
30 Greece Flag Greece Lottery - Greece Results 71 Turkey Flag Turkish Lottery - Sayisal Loto 6/49 Results
31 Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong Lottery - Mark Six Results 72 Turkey Flag Turkish Lottery - Super Loto 6/54 Results
32 Hungary Flag Lottery Hungary - Otos Lotto Results 73 United Kingdom Flag UK Lottery - UK Lotto Results
33 Hungary Flag Lottery Hungary - Hatos Lotto Results 74 United Kingdom Flag UK Lottery - Thunderball Results
34 United States Flag Illinois Lottery - Illinois Lotto Results 75 United Kingdom Flag UK Lottery - Lotto Hotpicks Results
35 United States Flag Indiana Lottery- Hoosier Lotto Results 76 United Kingdom Flag UK Lottery - UK EuroMillions Results
36 Ireland Flag Ireland Lottery - Irish Lotto Results 77 United States Flag USA Lottery - Powerball Results
37 Israel Flag Israel Lottery - New Lotto Results 78 United States Flag USA Lottery - Mega Millions Results
38 Israel Flag Israel Lottery - Double Lotto Results 79 United States Flag USA Lottery - Hot Lotto Results
39 Italy Flag Italy Lottery - SuperEnalotto Results 80 United States Flag USA Lottery - Tri-State Megabucks Plus Results
40 Italy Flag Italy Lottery - SuperStar Results 81 United States Flag Washington Lottery - Washington Lotto Results
41 Italy Flag Italy Lottery - SiVinceTutto Results 82 United States Flag Wisconsin Lottery - Wisconsin Megabucks Results

Latest Lottery Results

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