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The World's Top Ten Biggest Jackpots Today are..... 1 - U.S. - Mega Millions - US$ 214 Million - 2 - U.S. - Powerball - US$ 154 Million - 3 - France - EuroMillions + My Million Raffle - € 37 Million - 4 - Europe - EuroMillions - € 37 Million - 5 - U.K. - EuroMillions + UK Millionaire Maker - £ 26 Million - 6 - Australia - Powerball Lotto - AUD 50 Million - 7 - California - SuperLotto Plus - US$ 38 Million - 8 - Spain - La Primitiva - € 31 Million - 9 - Australia - Oz Lotto - AUD 30 Million - 10- New York - Lotto - US$ 20.7 Million

Lottery Syndicates, The Smarter Way To Play

One in Four Big Lottery Jackpots are won by Lottery Syndicates.
Chances are You will Win more often with Lotto Syndicates

Lottery Syndicates – Good and Bad Features

Lottery Balls in tubes

Lotto Syndicates are quite simply The Smarter Way to Play in any lotto if you are searching for a way to enhance your probability of winning some serious lottery cash.

In reality, in excess of one quarter of all lotto jackpot wins are picked up by lotto syndicates. There are also some excellent elottery syndicates one can join now as well.

These lottery syndicates are more often than not put together by groups of work associates or friends who have the one ambition of enhancing their odds of scooping some lotto cash.

Working together in this way gives each participant of the lottery syndicates more chances of winning while at the same time ensuring that each person’s spend is kept to a minimum.

Stack The Odds

Playing the lottery as a member of a syndicate can come with a sizeable odds benefit markedly if the syndicate has a greater number of people partaking. Conversely, being a syndicate member does have its downside.

Online syndicates

Playing with an online managed syndicate is probably the safest way to play in syndicate. Good managed, company syndicates generally have in place all the legal and monetry terms and conditions. They usually check numbers and inform members immediately of wins and send checks straight away.

Online Managed syndicates generally have in place things like a members back office log-in section, where you can check thing like...

  • your winnings
  • your draw results
  • your Member profile
  • your payments
  • your syndicate numbers
  • e-wallet or e-bank if they have one

With online lotto syndicates you don’t have to worry about finding other members to join the syndicate or about collecting their money for each draw - that’s taken care of by e-lottery. Besides which...

  • No more forgetting to buy tickets
  • No last-minute panics when there are big rollovers
  • Join more syndicates for rollovers if and when you want to
  • No more losing your ticket
  • No more forgetting to check your numbers - They email the results to you right after each draw, plus they will be displayed on your syndicate website
  • No need to collect winnings from a shop - They send you your share of the winnings
  • No more forgetting to collect your winnings

Downside of a Syndicate

The first and possibly the most obvious negative feature of a lottery syndicate is the fact that all winnings are divided between all players in the syndicate equally. Therefore, the larger quantity of syndicate members there are, the less cash each of these members will receive. Owing to this, a sizable lotto syndicate success may only create enough prize money for each member to pay for a vacation

or a new computer; but definitely not sufficient to pack in your job and buy a private jet! As long as every syndicate member is aware of this prospect then everybody should be cheerful.

Lottery Syndicate Agreement

Lottery Syndicate agreement

The second catch with lottery syndicates directly relates to the point made above. Stories can occasionally be seen in the press relating to a greedy syndicate member(s) who is reluctant to pay out the syndicate winnings to colleagues and instead tries to keep it.

This can undoubtedly be a huge setback if the syndicate has been formed without using a legally binding syndicate contract. If this is the state of affairs, each of the aggrieved members has then got to provide evidence in legal terms that they have actually been ripped off.

There have also been cases where a syndicate member has lost their portion of a syndicate win owing to delayed or non payment of their entry payment. Situations like these often lead to legal action.

The third snag that may develop if no proper syndicate agreement is in place is that of inheritance tax issues. If the leader of the syndicate collects the prize money and then gifts every member their equal share, then this tax could become a reality for every syndicate member.

Protect Your Interests

Woman holding cash

Problems such as this can be reduced therefore simplifying the whole process. If the syndicate is formed using a syndicate agreement that is legally binding then any of the scenarios emphasized here will no longer be an issue. These agreements can be downloaded from your lottery provider’s website and in many cases can be picked up from your lotto retailer.

Syndicate Benefits Out-Weigh the Bad Points

There is no real doubt that the benefits of joining a lotto syndicate far outweigh the negative aspects involved.

If the syndicate is registered in the correct and legal way as mentioned, the only things you truly have to worry about are paying your money each week.

Then think about what you will do with the funds when your lottery syndicate gets lucky.


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