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In the Global Lottery NewsLetter we will be taking a look at Lottery and Syndicate News along with any SuperDraws and Mega Rollovers and some of the many lotteries that take place around the world. There are so many different lotto games in existence that it would be beyond the scope of this website to write about them all.

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However, we will be doing our very best to list, document and review the main lottery news and global games that currently exist in the lottery newsletter. I'm sure that there will be some that we have overlooked so if you have one that you would like us to review for possible addition to the site, please let us know via our "Contact Us" page.

We will not be attempting any winning predictions by using any of the lotto number generators that you may find elsewhere on the web.

We believe that it is not possible to forecast actual lottery winning numbers this way. We wouldn't have built this website if that were possible. laughing smiley

When you first subscribe to Global Lottery Newsletter we are giving our new members a copy of the Mini World Lottery Number Generator to download Free. You can read more about Random Number Generators on the "Number Pickers" page.

From time to time we will be giving away other things we find that we think that may be fun or useful regarding the lottery. whether it be a gadget we develop ourselves, like the number pickers or stuff we come across. We do have some software lined up for the future for those of you who like Lottery Strategies!

When you confirm your newsletter subscription from the email you will be sent to our Subscription Confirmation Thank You page where your Free Download link for the World Lottery Number Generator is located. Right Click on the link and save the zip to your desktop. When you have unzipped the html file you can open the Number Generator in your chosen internet browser even if you are Offline and it will work. You must have JavaScript enabled on your PC for this to work.
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Try out the World Lottery Number Generator. The Download Works Just The Same.

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Use it for any combination of numbers lottery game. The output is sorted in ascending order. Example: For U.S.A. Powerball, first enter Play "5" out of "53", click Quick Pick for the first 5 numbers then "1" out of "42" for the Powerball number.

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