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India Lottery online games are becoming more available to play. There are only a few Indian Lotto games currently available and these are authorised by the Indian State government where the India Lottery games are based.

Indian Lotto games are highly popular though and there are set to be more and more appearing over the forthcoming months and years as Lottery India explodes in growth across the country states.

Online Lottery in India is especially due for a massive period of growth and in the meantime we can look here at the various different Lottery India games that are currently being played. We will publish on the site when we find a reputable and reliable online lottery ticket agent in India.

These Indian Lotto games are available from the States of Kerala and Sikkim and are authorised by the State Governments.

Kerala State Lottery Banner

Sikkim State Lottery Banner

Below are some of the Indian Lottery games that are run by Kerala State Lotteries

Weekly India Lottery Games from Kerala Lotteries

Mega Win - Mondays

Periyar - Tuesdays

Win-Win - Wednesdays

Chaithanya - Thursdays

Kairali - Fridays

Soubhagya - Saturdays

Sun Fun - Sundays

Bi-Weekly India Lottery Games from Kerala Lotteries

Twenty 50 - On the 5th & 20th of each month

Kanakadhara - On the 10th & 25th of each month

Bumper India Lottery Games from Kerala Lotteries




X’mas - New Year



Kerala State Lottery Banner

Below are some of the Indian Lottery games that are run by Sikkim State Lotteries

Weekly India Lottery Games from
Sikkim Lotteries

Super Star - Wednesdays

Gold Dear - Wednesdays

Super Queen - Sundays

Sikkim State Lottery Banner

We will be writing detailed reviews about each of the main Indian Lotto games from Lottery India and be providing information relating to online lottery in India.

We will, in time, be reviewing even more Indian Lottery games and will add them to this Lottery India section as and when we review them.

image from India

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