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Site News Update

Global Lottery Secrets is updating the website. We hope you like the NEW look. Now we are ready to forge on with the many, many lottery reviews you have been waiting for.

There will be lots of new features coming to the site as well, with a "Lottery News and facts" section with articles and videos of the big winners and a chance to tell us about Your Big Win if you have had one in your own words!

The Global Lottery Newsletter will also become a regular monthly (at least) feature with up to date news and bulletins.

Please let us know what you think about the new site design and if there is anything we could do to improve your visits to us (apart from win you the jackpot that is) : ) winking smiley

last update - 28th April 2010
Micky Kidd|CEO|Global Lottery Secrets

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Top Ten Jackpots Today are ...
The World's Top Ten Biggest Jackpots Today are..... 1 - U.S. - Mega Millions - US$ 214 Million - 2 - U.S. - Powerball - US$ 154 Million - 3 - France - EuroMillions + My Million Raffle - € 37 Million - 4 - Europe - EuroMillions - € 37 Million - 5 - U.K. - EuroMillions + UK Millionaire Maker - £ 26 Million - 6 - Australia - Powerball Lotto - AUD 50 Million - 7 - California - SuperLotto Plus - US$ 38 Million - 8 - Spain - La Primitiva - € 31 Million - 9 - Australia - Oz Lotto - AUD 30 Million - 10- New York - Lotto - US$ 20.7 Million

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All The World's Lottery and some of it's Secrets all in one place.

Thank You <> for your interest in Advertising on Global Lottery Secrets. We will deal with your inquiry in the next 24 to 48 hours or next working day if it is a weekend.

We hope that you will return to visit us often and follow our updates.

Michael Kidd | CEO | Global Lottery Secrets

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Mega Millions’ $540,000,000 Jackpot Lottery History!

The Mega Millions jackpot has jumped to a $540,000,000 prize just 24 hours after the lottery rolled over for the 18th time, channeling the power of 43 American states for dream jackpot of international caliber! Without even reaching the 19throllover, the Mega Millions jackpot has grown by $64 million, a harbinger of further additions to the lottery’s sensational jackpot before the draw takes place on Friday,23:00, EST!

A rush on tickets sales added a phenomenal $64 million to the prize pool and indicate that lotto fans are purchasing tickets at unparalleled rate for a chance to win Mega Millions’ amazing half a billion dollar prize in draw 2012/26!

Six lucky numbers will make a fortunate ticket holder the recipient of the world’s biggest lottery prize this weekend when the lotto numbers are called at the Mega Millions headquarters in Georgia, USA. With this jackpot, Mega Millions claims the top three spots for the world’s record jackpots, delivering a prize of $380 million in January 2011 and $390 million in March 2007.

New Multi-Lottery Syndicate System - LoveMyLotto

NEW - LoveMyLotto Unique Multi-LOTTERY Syndicate System


A brand new lottery syndicate system is being launched RIGHT NOW for players who buy lottery tickets online.

As we speak, everything is being put into place for people to be able to play the UK Lotto, EuroMillions and Daily Play games from the UK National Lottery as part of a highly professional lottery syndicate offering.

Simply watch this space for more news on this most exciting development in online lottery syndicates that will enable you to increase chances of winning lottery games.

You can enter an average of 45 draws per month if you choose to and receive an average of 200 separate chances to win the lottery for as little as 17 pence per chance.

Global Lottery Secrets will be bringing you more news on this as it develops.

Click Here To read all about LoveMyLotto Multi-Lottery Syndicates

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Love My Lotto

LoveMyLotto also has a two Tier Affiliate program, the system is being developed right now.
20% commissions on the 1st level and 5% on the 2nd. To promote LoveMyLotto
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Our Latest Review is from Italy the SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto The SuperEnalotto is the flagship lottery game in Italy - a country that has various lotteries that are drawn right across the country.

Within the Italian Lottery system, there are individual, regional lotteries run by Lottomatica and drawn in cities such as Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Venice.

The SuperEnalotto is much bigger and is run by a separate, private company in Italy and uses some of the numbers drawn in the Lottomatica regional Italian Lottery draws for its lottery numbers....

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Site News Update

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