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Global Lottery News, Issue #1 --
April 17, 2009

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*** Global Lottery News, Issue #1 - Friday April 17th 2009 ***

Issue No.1 Global Lottery News Friday 17th April 2009

Sorry, We cannot reveal any more details of the Powerball, UK lotto & EuroMillions Possible merger! The networks are all quiet on this one at the moment! We will let you know if there is any breaking news on this at all.

(From Last Months Preview) The National Lottery - New Site Launch went very smoothly and we have to say "Very Nice Too, Lovely Job National Lottery,
We Love It : )
Play the UK National Lottery by just visiting Here - Play UK National Lotto Page

€84 Million Spanish Superdraw, 9th May, get yours here....

USA Mega Millions Lottery Reviewed...

Mega Millions Xzotto Lotto Pool....

e-lottery Affiliate News - 4-ball win...

Euro Millions Friday 17th April Has Rolled Over Again!


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Spanish Superdraw, 9th May
by Micky Kidd

We would just like to say a massive “CONGRATULATIONS” to all e-lottery Spanish Superdraw players! As promised ALL e-lottery syndicates won at least 3 cash prizes from the enormous €84 Million prize pool.
We bet you’re all delighted that you decided to take some control over your fate, and play the smarter way!

Yet again, we completely sold out of syndicate spaces for the last draw, and there has been no sign of things starting to slow down! In fact, as word spreads of e-lottery syndicates’ success, we expect for the next draw to be even MORE popular.

The next Spanish Superdraw will take place on Saturday, 9th May, and has another gigantic prize pool of €84 Million.

If you’re already playing in this draw, you might want to add more syndicate entries to further increase your chances of sharing a massive prize! Or, if you’ve not taken advantage of this incredible opportunity yet, you really should get in quick! Tickets for these lotteries are limited, and once they have all been sold no more can be created.

To beat the crowd and get in early, just log in to your Member’s Website, click on the ‘My Details’ tab, then ‘Syndicate Subscriptions’, and click on the ‘Add Syndicates’

icon – then just follow the instructions. Or, look for the banner below!

Don't forget, Every syndicate is GAURANTEED to win at least 3 Cash Prizes!

We sold out of syndicate places a few days before the last draw – make sure that you don’t get caught out! Do it now before someone else beats you to it!

Remember - in order for you to receive any commissions generated from these draws you will need to achieve Active Status before the commission run on Sunday, 10th May. Just generate £40 of ASV in the Spanish Superdraw syndicates. No matter which draw your Players have paid for, their subscriptions will count towards your Active Status in the current cycle.

Best of luck for the draw!

USA Mega Millions Lottery Reviewed...
by Micky Kidd
Friday 17th April's ESTIMATED JACKPOT $109 MILLION - Cash Option is $78.1 Million

Our star Game of the Month is:

The USA's Mega Millions multi-jurisdictional $1 lottery game

Since May 2002, Mega Millions advertised jackpots have started at US $12 million, increasing when there is no jackpot winner and have grown to some of the Biggest Jackpots and big game prizes in the world.

Mega Millions Xzotto Lotto Pool.....
Micky Kidd
If you are a USA citizen and looked at VWD's e-Lottery and then figured out you could'nt join it because of USA legislation even though you liked it and wanted to , then this is a MUST SEE! The pay plan is comparable and possibly better than e-lottery!

Our Newest 5 star Favourite is:

The Mega Millions XZotto Lotto Pool (Syndicate) from Numerologic Systems LLC

Extremely professional, smoothly balanced and very well run Lotto Pool type Syndicate playing the USA's Mega Millions Draws. We think this is the USA's answer to Virtual World Direct's e-Lottery Syndicates. Although only launched last September it is growing at a phenomenal rate and definately worth a look for that first mover advantage.

We think this will be a biggy in the next couple of years, and one to watch.

More information and video presentations at

As of the 12th numbers are at 2067 in the Fresno Xzotto Group Pool. By far the largest pool in Xzotto. The 2,000 milestone was crossed this week and it only took 7 short weeks to double from their last milestone of 1,000 on February 15th. Xzotto is on fire because as many folks who are newly introduced to Xzotto say, "it's a no-brainer!"

Here's a quick rundown of the pool growth, they started September 23rd when Xzotto went live to the public and it took thirteen weeks to reach 495. In just six weeks from January 1st to February 15th the pool doubled to 1,004.

Chris Scott, who started the Fresno Group, now enjoys playing as many as 10,000 lottery tickets per month through his pool, at no cost to him by the way, as well as earning a nice monthly residual commission!

If you want to know more about Xzotto Lotto there is now a shoot off of the Fresno group in the UK! Yes it is now in Europe as well. Go to for more info.

e-Lottery Affiliate News - 4 Ball Win . . .
By Micky Kidd
Congratulations to all of the e-lottery members whose syndicate had a 4-ball win on Saturday, 4th April. The syndicate won a total of £5,942.23, and each individual syndicate member has received £121.27, which has been posted to their e-wallets. Log in now to see if you’re a member of this lucky syndicate!

The numbers drawn: 11, 18, 28, 32, 36, 39 Syndicate’s main numbers: 11, 15, 28, 32, 39

If these syndicate members had played on their own and matched 4 numbers in the same draw, they would only have won £66. By playing as part of an e-lottery syndicate, all of the winners have received nearly double this. Because of how e-lottery syndicates’ numbers are made up, if 2 or more main syndicate numbers are matched, you will share more than one prize! So, this e-lottery syndicate had 2×5-ball wins and 42×4-ball wins, making a total of £5,942.23! Imagine winning a share of that!

What a perfect example of how e-lottery really is the smarter way to play.

Best of luck to all e-lottery members for future draws!

If any of you e-lottery folks are going to the VWD Golden Ticket event at the Windmill Village Hotel, Golf & Leisure Club Coventry, We look forward to seeing you there!

Micky Kidd | CEO |

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Euro Millions Friday 17th April Has Rolled Over Again!

Next estimated jackpot for Fri 24 Apr 2009 is: £66,000,000

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