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Global Lottery News, Issue #1 Preview -- Issue #1 Preview
March 11, 2009

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*** Global Lottery News, Issue #1 PREVIEW - March 12th 2009 ***

This is a Preview for the Issue #1 Global Lottery News

In The First Issue No.1 We will reveal more details of the Powerball, UK lotto & EuroMillions Possible merger!

National Lottery - New Site Launch ....

€84 Million Spanish Superdraw, get yours here....

Lottery Random Number Generator.... to launch Sister Site ticket concierge service...


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Powerball May Merge With British Lotto!
by Micky Kidd

lottery balls

The news that Camelot, the company that runs the British lotto had signed an ‘exploratory agreement’ with the multi state Powerball lottery has generated excitement in lottery circles. The goal is to launch the “the world’s biggest draw” with possible jackpots of $367.4 million dollars.

There is also speculation that the Powerball lotto could partner with the popular Euro Millions lotto making Powerball the world’s largest lotto. According to Ed Van Petten director of the Kansas Lotto talk of a world lotto game has been around since 2000. On Monday Van Petten stated, “They’ve been back at the table the last year or so, and it’s been pretty hot and heavy the past four or five months.”

Charles Strutt director of the 32 member Multi State Lottery Association which runs the popular Powerball lotto said it was too early to comment. A story in the venerable Times of London revealed the signing of the exploratory agreement and said that games could start as early as 2011. “There’s lots of inaccuracies in it,” said Strutt of the Times story. He said he would meet with Camelot next week and a statement would be issued after the meeting. Camelot helped to launch the popular Euro Millions lotto in 2004 and the game is played in Britain, France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal.

This is exciting news for lotto players on both sides of the Atlantic. The jackpots could reach gargantuan proportions and have the largest lotto jackpots ever. Lotto players will be following this story closely and will be lining up to play when it becomes reality.

National Lottery - New Site Launch
by Micky Kidd
National Lottery will be launching their new site on 16th March.

As a result of the new site launch the National Lottery site will be going down all of Sunday 15th March and will be live by 8am on Monday 16th March.

We spoke to and this is what they said...

"Michael, we are building an even better and brighter National Lottery

We're always looking for ways to enhance the service we provide – which is why we're making some changes to Having listened to our players we're giving the site a fresh new look and improving the navigation so you can find your way around quickly and easily. Other improvements we're making include:

• Game Selector tool where you can filter by game type, top prize, price, launch date and theme, to find the perfect lottery game for you
• Results Checker helps you find out whether you've won with your online, or in-store tickets, for the last draw or for draws in the last 180 days – you can also quickly and easily check multiple lines for each game
• Continuous play for Lotto and Thunderball, allowing you to play continuously by setting up a Direct Debit - previously known as subscriptions. You'll be able to change your numbers, add, or remove lines, as well as play by Lucky Dip
• Improved service to help cope with demand at peak times, enabling us to launch new games and more advanced Instant Wins

Our site is still just as safe and secure – and you can continue to play all the Lottery Draw Games and Instant Wins you always have; it'll just be much easier to do so."

Thank you, we look forward to seeing the site after the launch. In the meantime you can still play the UK National Lottery by just visiting Here - Play UK National Lotto Page

€84 Million Spanish Superdraw, get yours here....
Micky Kidd
After the huge sell-out success of March's Spanish Superdraw syndicates, we now have Superdraw syndicates available for Saturday, 4th April. With a prize fund of €84 Million, we're sure that you won't want to miss out.

All our syndicates sold out 5 days before March's draw. Because spaces are limited, we don't think April's syndicate spaces will be available for long, so act fast - join today to secure your spot in an e-lottery syndicate.

Click Here - To Play Spanish Superdraws

Thank you for reading - Micky Kidd | CEO |

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