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Global Lottery News, Issue #4 -- Happy New Year & New Website Design
January 14, 2015

Happy New Year & New Website

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Global Lottery Secrets Is Back On Track

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all having a great start to 2015. I was not quite myself for over a year but I am now back on track and my old self again, Yayyy!

At the beginning of the Autumn last year I realised I needed to get on with my web activities and home life as well as breath some new life into this website. So at the end of October I started to sweep everything clean (metaphorically) with a new broom.

During The Re-Build

I will be working hard and fast over the next couple of months to re-build, update and add new content to the site. I hope you like it so far and it can only get better with what is to come.

Let me know what you think so far on my contact us page.

Also during the rebuild I will keep the big jackpots details up-to-date. All the most important pages like Lottery results and info pages will get first attention. I will let you all know by mid-February how things are getting on.

Contact Us

Global Lottery Secrets New look & Feel

What Is New On the Horizon In The Lottery World

I will be adding new retailers for quite a few lotteries as some of the old have fallen by the wayside.

TheLotter is still the biggest and best online ticket agent and looks to remain like that for the foreseeable future.

We do however have some new ones and some not so new to unleash upon you.

We have just linked up with Coral and Affiliate Window and will be doing reviews on both of these. (Hopefully going to the London Affiliate Conference beginning of February too)

The Singapore Pools and Lottery, The Toto is going to have a new betting vendor from us online! So too hopefully is the UK National Lotto very soon.

Lots, and lots of new stuff to come. I will even be adding a section where you can upload and add your own Lottery World stories and photos. Whether you have had a win or even have a scam that's been tried on you, we want to know about it.

We will even help you to publisise the scammers, especially the scammers. Makes me laugh, they even try it on us here! LOL!

New Syndicate Opportunities On The Way

I am also reviewing some new lottery syndicate opportunities and will make my findings public as soo as I am happy with them. All looking good so far.

So much to do and so much on the way. I could carry on typing but I need some shut eye so I can carry on with this big re-build.

To keep an eye and see what's happening on the website you can visit our mini blog/Site Updates or even subscribe to its feed here...

Site Updates

Good Luck if you have taken part in any Lottery games and dream of the Big Win :-)

Micky | Global Lottery Secrets

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